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Motorbike, Moped & Scooter Parking

Parking Terms & Conditions

1.You are required to purchase a parking exit pass or you may choose to pay at the barrier each time you exit. If you have no exit pass for any reason you should 'Pay-to-exit'.

2. Exit passes are non-transferable and are to be used for the vehicles specified at the point of issue.  (Additional registrations, changes and amendments should be notified to Property Services Office or through the car park attendants at carparks@southdevon.ac.uk)

3. You may park in white lined parking bays on the Vantage Point Campus.

  • You may not park in bays designated for:
  • disabled users unless you are a ‘blue badge’ holder.
  • car sharers unless legitimately registered as a sharer and sharing when parking.
  • Visitor's bays, regardless of whether in term time or out of term time. 
  • '20 min waiting' bays for longer than 20 mins
  • drop off/pick up bays unless dropping off/picking up
  • Concessions i.e. blue lined bays, unless legitimately a member of a concession company or tenancy OR on double yellow lines, curbs, the side of roadways, grass areas etc or where the vehicles will block access for deliveries/commercial vehicles or the emergency services etc.

4. Vehicles should be insured, roadworthy and have an in-date Road fund license.

5. Vehicles and items within them are parked entirely at the owner’s risk. Vehicles should be locked and items should not be left on display. All windows, doors and any convertible roofs closed.

6. No overnight parking is permitted without specific consent of Caretaking staff. Please contact the caretakers or car park attendants at carparks@southdevon.ac.uk. Access to the car parks is closed permanently between 9pm and 6am each day.

7. Violation of the correct vehicle entry and exit ways, the one-way system or the 5mph speed limit may lead to the temporary or permanent withdrawal of the driver’s exit pass or the right to park on campus. Disciplinary action may and has been taken when any of these Terms and Conditions are deliberately or persistently broken.

8. Entering the car parking areas does not guarantee a parking space. Car parks operate on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

9. Car park areas are not for the use of learner drivers for maneuvering/practice or for washing or maintaining vehicles except in an emergency.

10. Holders of Car Sharer Permits may only park in parking bays marked ‘Car Share’ when sharing, and not just because they have a 'car share' exit pass. When not sharing drivers should park elsewhere and in accordance with the above terms and conditions.

Motorbike, Moped & Scooter Parking


Motorbike/Moped/Scooter Parking Pass




All students and staff wishing to park their motorbike or moped in the designated parking bays at the main College site at Vantage Point in Paignton must register the required details here.

Registration is essential but free and is purely for parking security purposes.

People travelling by bike/moped are not charged as this fits in with the Green Travel Plan.
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